The ABC Difference

At American Business and Commercial Brokerage, you may find that we are different than you expected as we believe in a few simple but strong principles…

  • We will gladly listen to the clients needs and will consider the clients needs before our own.
    We will ask a lot of questions so that we understand you better.

  • We will gladly educate clients about the process of brokering businesses to the extent that they desire. We will not keep you in the dark, nor over-burden you with excessive information.

  • We will gladly cooperate with any other qualified, licensed professional capable of working on a business

  • We will always give you straight answers to your questions. If we do not have the answer, we will try to connect you with someone who does!

Other Philosophies / Programs that make us different!

  • Exposure and reputation through the state's largest business brokerage organization; Business Brokers of Florida (BBF).

  • "Free Market Valuation and Closings Costs Paid" Program. (Inquire for Details.)

  • Willingness to offset a commission to a client who introduces us to a prospect. (The goal here is to work together with the client to achieve the clients goals - not against the client.)

ABC is what you consider a boutique agency

We strive to give every client the utmost attention.

Experience Matters